Provide proof

World Class Vaccine Tracking

In a post-Covid world, we need to ensure that immunization data is accurate, verified, mobile and up to date. We can help with that.

About Us

We work towards harnessing technology to benefit patients, medical staff and a variety of industries including travel, events and hospitality. 

VaxTrax is COVID vaccination tracking software that allows users a quick, easy and secure way to provide verified confirmation of COVID vaccination for the purposes of entering bars, restaurants, concerts, sports events, airports and more. 

Modern Solutions

For Modern Public Health

Our solution can be used in a variety of industries that require proof of immunization. We help you manage admission to public events, keep lines moving quickly and help automate contact tracing.


Designed specifically to facilitate rapid entry for travel, hospitality and retail - the new normal in a post-Covid world.


What We Offer

Medical Privacy

Focused on maintaining privacy, security and protection of private data to conform to leading standards

Modern Solutions

Designed to integrate with verified government provided credentials to create a unique mobile immunization badge

Contact Tracing

Venues, travel and retail can use this solution to provide contact tracing to their public event or place

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